Moving-items-from storage

How we moved items out of a storage facility.

We help one of our client to move out from their storage facility with their appreciation! TNG route was to deliver the items to 2 locations based on client request.

In general for this job there was a Full Height Glass cabinet which was fragile , the fleet repackaged it and ensure all items are secured with belt & ropes before the move. 

We ensured the safety of our clients items and secure all lose or fragile items before moving. As experienced movers, we planned our move before the day of operation to ensure a smooth and swift moving process for our customer.

And to be extra confident of the move, we visit our customers for a survey of their items (FOC) and also hear their opinions as well as giving them solutions to move their items.

Moving can be a troublesome, tedious and time consuming process, however at TNG movers, we provide our customers with multiple solutions to ensure their items are safe as well as a smooth operational process, thus giving our clients the confidence in the entire moving process.

Pictorial references to the job mentioned:


 To summarize, moving your items should always be safe, secure and efficient. By engaging a proper and trustable moving company, like TNG Movers,  you can enjoy a swift moving process and have a peace of mind!


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