Affordable and Convenient Storage Solutions for Home and Office Relocations by TNG Movers

storage-solutions-for-home-and-office-relocationsAre you planning to relocate to a temporary space and need to store your furniture and belongings for a short or long period? If so, you have two options: self-storage facilities and movers with storage services. In this blog post, we'll discuss the pros and cons of each and why you should consider TNG Movers for your storage needs.

Self-storage facilities are businesses that rent small to mid-size storage spaces, such as rooms, lockers, or outdoor spaces, to tenants on a short-term basis. While they offer 24-hour access and are cheap, you're required to store and account for your items yourself, and some items may be restricted.

Movers with storage services, on the other hand, are established moving companies that have warehouses to store equipment and allocated spaces to store bulky items. They offer high ceilings, inventory systems, warehouse assistants, and insurance for your items. However, access to items is by appointment only, and they may not offer 24-hour accessibility.

At TNG Movers, we offer affordable and convenient storage solutions for your home and office relocations. For only $200/month, any furniture or belonging that can fit into our 14ft truck can be stored in our warehouse. We offer accountability for your items, can arrange for your items to be relocated with our moving services, and provide a hassle-free one-stop solution for your relocation needs.

Call or Whatsapp us at +65 8264 0101 for a free site survey of your items. No obligations, just reliable and affordable storage solutions by TNG Movers.




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