Singapore Storage Space Rental


TNG offers both short- & long-term flexible warehouse storage solutions for residential or commercial clients.

Find out the difference between Storage Spaces VS Movers With Storage

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While relocation can be a tedious process especially if you would need to store your items away temporarily, TNG Movers offers not only moving your items our of an area, they can store your items at their warehouse for a fixed price, and thus move your items out, to the premise, hence giving you the convenience of a 1 stop solution. 

We understand the difficulties of securing an operational plan during a move. Spreading out domestically, we have served families who are waiting for their new homes, businesses undergoing renovation/relocation, these are the type of projects we have handled efficiently which requires storage during it’s time phase.

Our storage personals and service crew, will go the extra mile to ensure your items are kept safe and also properly. They will do a weekly check to ensure the items or boxes stored with us are well kept. We will label and allocate the designated space for our clients and if they would like to check on their items stored with us, they can contact us.



Plus, our value added storage service, includes a itemized inventory to keep track who and what items are being stored in our warehouse. Given these experiences, TNG continues to focus to be the most competitive & reliable company to work with.


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